About klim




Full cream instant milk powder

An all family milk for your drinking, cooking and baking needs.


Milk is one of the most consumed beverages worldwide. It is very important for the development of healthy bones and teeth and should form part of every family diet. It is a good source of Proteins, Vitamin D, Calcium and Iron.


Protein   provides the nutrients needed to make and repair body tissues such as mussels and skin.


Vitamin D  plays an essential role in building strong bones and teeth.


Iron is important for the production of healthy red cells which carry oxygen throughout the body.


Pack Sizes


• 2.5kg

• 400g




• KLIM is not just powdered milk but also has 23 added vitamins and minerals, making it nutritionally superior.


• KLIM goes the mile. 1 tin of 900gr KLIM = 7 litres of milk


• Adequate consumption of milk and dairy from early childhood and throughout life can help to make the bones strong and protect them   against diseases like osteoporosis later in life.



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