About Langnese


Finest Forest Honey


Our exquisite forest honey has a tangy, aromatic and full-bodied taste. It is the strong character of this sumptuous natural product with its dark colour and viscosity that makes honey collected in the forest so popular. Honeydew is exuded by juice-sucking insects. The drops of honeydew, which contain organic acids and enzymes, are then collected by bees on pine trees and leaf trees and enriched a second time through their own enzymes. This is what makes forest honey so precious.


Highest purity and quality since 1927.

Jar size: 375g



Country Honey


Langnese Country Honey (Landhonig) is a creamy natural honey made in selected sunny regions. The product is harvested from the honeycomb after the bees have sealed it tightly with wax. This means that the honey is mature – it has a full taste and all the nutrients are intact. Thanks to our careful filling process, this naturally creamy honey has an exquisite and delicate taste and none of its nutritional value gets lost.


On account of the stringent checks that Langnese carries out, the brand has stood for purity and high quality since 1927.

Jar sizes: 125g, 250g and 500g




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